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Chris Bowler created "The Bucket Quiz", a social blog about the key pursuits in life. He also works for Razorfish, a digital marketing firm and lives in Chicago.

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An Idiot Abroad - The Bucket List

The Science Channel is out with a new bucket list show: An Idiot Abroad 2

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  • "50% accurate...I love it!"

    Christian Onoh

  • "I can't grow a beard I'm female."

    Sheena Morris

  • "no!!!"

    Chelsea Rojas

  • "i don't have a beard. I'm a girl and I don't drink either. I'm only 11 years old"

    Chelsea Rojas

  • "i hate this list!"

    bill wald

  • "I have no life"


  • "This honestly makes me realize I haven't done enough with my life."


  • "A very good list. 50% of the items I would do if able. ;-) Awesome quiz though."

    James Bridges

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